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The number of self-employed people in the UK has now reached more than 4.5 million, but a recent study found that many freelancers battle loneliness in search of an improved work-life balance.

Huckletree interviewed 4,000 self-employed professionals and entrepreneurs who work from home:

43% said that working from home improved their relationship with their partner/spouse.

55% stated that an improved work-life balance was the main benefit working for themselves.

35% identified the avoidance of office politics as a benefit.

It’s not all good though as more than 38% of respondents admitted that working from home had left them lonely, with 48% of people wishing they had others nearby to bounce ideas off.

One solution to this may be networking. Some people may see networking as solely to try and get new business, but it can also be a place to get inspiration, ideas, knowledge and meet with a community of entrepreneurs and self-employed people like yourself.

It is all to easy to sit behind closed doors, but you have to make the effort not just for your self belief and esteem but also for to grow your business and be up-to-date as much as you can. One thing I remember finding out about at networking a years ago now, was about QR codes. I didn’t know what they were in fact had never heard of them, but soon found out and started using them.

Social media also plays a part but it’s not quite the same as going out to meet people in person which can be much more enjoyable and fruitful in all sorts of ways for you and your business and make new friends and meet new colleagues along the way.

Another way to battle loneliness would be to ensure that you have a very active social life outside work, whether it be sports, hobbies, social etc.

So get out there and make the effort, whether it’s work-related or social. After all being self-employed you have the flexibility to have an improved work-life balance so make the most of it!


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