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The number of self-employed people in the UK has now reached more than 4.5 million, but a recent study found that many freelancers battle loneliness in search of an improved work-life balance.

Huckletree interviewed 4,000 self-employed professionals and entrepreneurs who work from home:

43% said that working from home improved their relationship with their partner/spouse.

55% stated that an improved work-life balance was the main benefit working for themselves.

35% identified the avoidance of office politics as a benefit.

It’s not all good though as more than 38% of respondents admitted that working from home had left them lonely, with 48% of people wishing they had others nearby to bounce ideas off.

One solution to this may be networking. Some people may see networking as solely to try and get new business, but it can also be a place to get inspiration, ideas, knowledge and meet with a community of entrepreneurs and self-employed people like yourself.

It is all to easy to sit behind closed doors, but you have to make the effort not just for your self belief and esteem but also for to grow your business and be up-to-date as much as you can. One thing I remember finding out about at networking a years ago now, was about QR codes. I didn’t know what they were in fact had never heard of them, but soon found out and started using them.

Social media also plays a part but it’s not quite the same as going out to meet people in person which can be much more enjoyable and fruitful in all sorts of ways for you and your business and make new friends and meet new colleagues along the way.

Another way to battle loneliness would be to ensure that you have a very active social life outside work, whether it be sports, hobbies, social etc.

So get out there and make the effort, whether it’s work-related or social. After all being self-employed you have the flexibility to have an improved work-life balance so make the most of it!

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Networking – After Hours Club   Leave a comment

Below is a list of After Hours Club run by Invicta Chamber of Commerce. This is a free ‘casual’ networking event. The atmosphere is very informal and relaxed. From personal experience I can recommend them.

Ashford       – The Conningbrook Hotel, 5 February
Canterbury  – The Abbotts Barton Hotel, 15 January, 19 February
Chatham     – The Innovation Centre, 15 January, 19 February
Dartford     – The Nucleus Business & Innovation Centre, 5 February
Maidstone  – The Russell Hotel, 22 January, 26 February
Sittingbou  – The Coniston Hotel, 27 February
Tonbridge  – The River Centre, 8 January, 12 February


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Why does success mean different things to Women vs Male Entrepreneurs?   1 comment

Gender tends not to be a factor when securing financial backing, but running a small or medium-sized enterprise (SME) as a woman nevertheless poses several challenges.
U.K. government research by Britain’s’ Department for Business, Innovation and SKills (BIS) shows that gender is one of the most likely factors to dictate growth and success of an SME. With regard to ambition among the SME sector, gender was found to be one of the most powerful “explanatory variables” when it came to an entrepreneur’s vision. The report suggested that women may be “less driven by wealth” than their male counterparts.
Whilst women may have the same skill set as men, the same report found that “women-owned businesses grow less because they have lower growth ambition than men.”
Women may set up in business for different reasons to men and have a different idea of success. Also women tend to be more careful and take less risks. Do you agree?


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Happy Freelancer’s   3 comments

The 2012 Freelance Industry Report suggests that 90% of 2000 international freelancers surveyed have no regrets about going freelance. The majority loved the freedom and flexibility self-employment gives them. The percentages below speak for themselves:-
28% – flexibility was the key reason they decided to go freelance in the first place
22% – it was to fulfil their lifelong passion
7%  –  said it was for financial reasons
10% – maintaining a good work/life balance
Everybody has their own reasons for going freelance but the difference it can make to your quality of life is outstanding. It’s not easy to get it going and even harder to keep the business going as 37% of freelancers state that getting the work is their hardest challenge.
I must agree with the above, that is the hardest thing getting the work especially at the start but it does get easier and word of mouth recommendations are better than anything else. If you have a client and you do the best you can for them, they will continue to call on your expertise as and when required and also recommend you to others.
It’s not always easy being self-employed and sometimes the hours are longer than if you were employed, but at the end of the day you are working for yourself, which gives you freedom, flexibility and that great work/life balance. Your life is your own and you can make your own decisions and choices regarding anything to do you with your business; from what stationery you use to who you work for.
There are various reasons people go freelance, some maybe forced or pushed into that decision, but whatever the reason it’s not always easy but well worth it. At the end of the day you’ll never know what you can achieve unless you try – just remember it’s not always easy and straightforward and some days the hours are longer than you’d like but at the end of the day your working for you.
Good Luck!
If anyone wants to share their views or reasons for going freelance please join in the conversation.

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After Hours Club – Networking Chamber of Commerce   Leave a comment

New Venues and New Dates
Change from Boys Hall to The Conningbrook Hotel, Canterbury Road, TN24 9QR from 2 October
Change from Hadlow Manor Hotel to The River Centre, Medway Wharf Road, TN9 1RE New venue from 14 August,  9 October, 13 November, 11 December
 The Innovation Centre, Maidstone Road, ME5 9FD
18 September, 16 October, 20 November  
The Coniston Hotel, 70 London Road, ME10 1NT 28 November

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