New Agency Worker Regulations – 1 October 2011   9 comments

From the 1 October 2011 new regulations come into force regarding agency workers in the UK. After 12 weeks agency workers are entitled to similar benefits as those of permanent staff i.e. car parking, crèche facilities, staff canteen discounts, overtime payments, holiday and bonus payments.

Can SME’s really afford this at the present time or will it be an added strain and expense to their business? Failure to comply with the new regulations could lead to an Employment Tribunal awarding compensation of any amount as there is no limit.

Maybe the new regulations will make SME’s think twice about taking on temporary staff but at busy times is there an alternative? What do you feel about this, will it affect your business in any way? Are you put off by the new regulations? Would you consider taking on someone who is self-employed and available as and when you need them. Would that be an easier option or would you be concerned whether or not they could provide the support you need at the relevant time? Then again would it be better just to have someone as and when required without any regulations to keep to?

I personally think this is a good thing for the Agency workers.  It gives them more rights and having worked as a locum previously the benefits are always good to have especially for long-term bookings. I do think though that some SME’s may be put off taking on agency staff for any length of time. Are you one of these and what other options would you consider?





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