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I haven’t been on here much lately to update my blog, as been so busy especially over the last two weeks and it continues next week as well, which is great although unplanned. Still I am not complaining it’s brilliant that I made such a good impression that they want to keep me for a while longer to help them out.
Talking of which how do people plan their work especially those who are self-employed. Do you limit how much you take on, or do you try to do everything for everyone? I think at times you have to say no, as obviously doing too much can prevent you from the giving the excellent service that you provide. Then again do you take on everything that comes your way as you don’t know when or where your next client will come from.
I think probably there is no easy answer to this question. Everyone has to decide at the time how much they can take on. I must admit I have turned a few new clients away in the past, simply because I was either too busy or I did not feel that it was what I wanted to do. Then again I think this does depend on how much work comes your way and how stable you business is. Another factor is whether or not you are just starting out or been around for a while and can afford to say no.  At the start I think anyone is glad of any work just to get the clientage and money coming in but as time goes on I think everyone needs to bear in mind how much work they want, how much they want to earn and how stressful they want their life to be. After all surely one of the main reasons anyone goes self-employed is because they want to enjoy what they do and feel less stressed with life and work? 

Posted October 9, 2011 by cmm in Blog

13 responses to Too much or not enough?

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