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You know I was driving over to my Mum’s the other day as unfortunately she wasn’t feeling too good, so I thought I would go check on her as she is 85 and still going strong, but obviously at that age you worry about them. Whilst driving over there I thought how lucky I am.

The reasons being:-

  1. As I work mostly from home I can decide when I want to work, so if an emergency comes up I can take time out and without having to worry about the consequences. If I was employed that may not be possible and would only add to the stress of an already difficult situation.
  2. I have generally more flexibility in everything I do.
  3. I can choose who to work for.
  4. I can decide the prices I charge. 
  5. I can decide when to take time off and have a holiday, planned or last-minute.

All in all I feel very lucky that I have the flexibility, choice and option to work for myself as not everyone has. Sometimes people have, but just can’t make that leap from being employed to self-employed. I guess in a way I was pushed into being self-employed because of the experience of a previous employer and I decided that I would prefer to work for myself rather than be employed again.

No one ever knows what the future holds and yes there are risks involved, but you take a risk every time you go out driving, crossing the road etc. I think you have to think long and hard about what you want to do, give yourself a time limit to see if it’s working the way you hoped and if not have a plan B but other than that take that step and go for it.

From my personal experience this is the best thing I ever did and I love it; I just hope it continues and that’s the next thing that comes to mind – how long will it last, but that’s for another day and time to think about. At the moment I am enjoying my flexibility, freedom and choice of what I do and when.

Just to let you know my Mum did need my help that day, but she is fighting fit again now and running around; thank goodness. The lucky and privileged thing is; I was able to be there when she needed me.

There are probably a lot more reasons why people set-up in business themselves, it would be great to hear your story and why you enjoy it so much and how lucky you are?  Please get in touch…….


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