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With the start of a new year many companies may now be looking at their business in order to assess what they can change in 2012. How their company operates and outsourcing maybe one factor to consider. This can apply to larger businesses or particularly to SME’s.
Last year was apparently a record year for companies operating in the outsourcing sector with many businesses trying to cut costs, but still needing the support and help to maintain business operations without interruption. In a recent survey carried out by dictate2us 62% of companies plan to outsource administrative jobs this year to cut overhead costs.
Several mundane administrative tasks can be outsourced, which in turn can save a business time and money. Instead of employing a Secretary/PA on a permanent or even part-time basis it gives the business more flexibility and reduces costs overall. Surely paying someone for the actual hours they work, rather than paying someone a fixed rate each week is more cost-effective. Also with no holiday pay, sick pay or equipment to provide savings are made immediately. The Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) found that 27% of start-up companies struggle to find qualified and skilled staff.
What better way to access business support than on a supply and demand basis. This gives small businesses more flexibility, more time to do what they are good at and concentrate on what they need to do to continue their success. To keep a business running well paperwork, invoicing and office admin tasks need to be organised and can save an immense amount of stress as well as time. A favourite saying I heard recently springs to mind.
“Only do what you can do”

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